Tooth Coloured Dental Fillings in Brisbane

  • Do you have unsightly fillings that show when you smile?
  • Do you have concerns about amalgam restorations?
  • Replace old, ugly, worn-out cracked amalgam black fillings with tooth coloured fillings
  • Let us create a more natural-looking smile that’s perfect for you.

Tooth Coloured Dental Fillings

  • Are used to restore damaged tooth structure
  • Are strong, durable and long-lasting
  • Can be completed in one appointment
  • Less post operative sensitivity
  • Are esthetically pleasing and blend well with natural teeth

During the Dental Filling appointment

  • The tooth is prepared
  • Decayed materials are removed
  • Tooth-coloured resin is used for the filling
  • A curing light is used to harden the resin, which makes it very strong
  • The filling is trimmed and polished

Reasons for Replacing Old Silver Fillings

  • The average life span of a silver filling is 5-15 years.
  • Fillings can be worn around the edges or may have pulled away from the tooth enamel. This process (called leaking) allows bacteria to enter and cause decay around the edges of the filling.
  • The filling becomes worn.
  • Cracks can develop from the biting and chewing forces.
  • Chipped tooth or surfaces of a filling may allow decay to develop.
  • If the filling is large it needs to be replaced with a crown to protect the tooth from fractures and /or breakage.
  • You may replace them for esthetic reasons.

If you are considering tooth-coloured fillings in Brisbane please call or email us today to schedule an examination appointment.

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