Cosmetic Bonding

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How Cosmetic Tooth Bonding (Composite Veneers) Works

See before and after photos of cosmetic bonding in our smile gallery.

The process of “cosmetic tooth bonding” involves 3 steps…

1. A tooth-coloured resin is applied to the area that needs more tooth structure or a repair

2. The resin is cured with a special light and then artistically sculpted to blend with your existing tooth

3. Finally, the area is polished to a nice shine.

The finished product looks as good as new and completely fixes your smile. Many patients prefer tooth bonding to porcelain veneers because it is less costly, but porcelain veneers last longer than bonding.

Benefits of Cosmetic Bonding/Composite Veneers

  •  Allows us to close spaces between teeth
  • Allows us to lengthen teeth
  • Allows us to repair misshapen teeth
  • Can be used to whiten teeth
  • Requires one appointment
  • Usually no anaesthetic required
  • Bonding is an alternative to porcelain veneers
  • May be performed on one tooth
  • May be used to rebuild an entire smile
  • The procedure is reversible
  • Can be repaired or replaced easier than porcelain veneers
  • Cost is less than porcelain veneers
  • More tooth conservative than other treatments

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