Modern Technology at Brisbane Elite Dental

We’re excited about the many ways advanced technology has improved our ability to serve patients.

Intra Oral Camera

A special camera that fits in your mouth and shows a magnified picture on a T.V. screen.

Digital X-ray

Computer generated x-rays (no processing) and 90% less radiation.


Used for the early detection of decay.

Dental Laser

Revolutionary dental tool that uses a combination of laser energy and water to perfoma variety of dental procedures more comfortably.

Dental Wand

Computer assisted injection. Ability to deliver a virtually pain-free injection and in many cases, eliminating the numbness of face and lips experienced after traditional injections.

ZoomTeeth Whitening

Brighter, Whiter teeth in one hour with the latest technology.

Camera Technology

We document our treatment with digital cameras.

Porcelain Technology & Metal Free Technology

We no longer need to use ugly metals in your mouth.

GlamSmile Technology

GlamSmile’s speed and affordability comes from the breakthrough technology with the veneers. Each veneer is custom-made specifically for each patient by skilled technicians’ using the latest computer-aided (CAD) technology. This procedure ensures that the veneers will fit your teeth and gums perfectly. The shape, thickness, and length of veneers is adapted individually to every tooth.