Affordable Interest Free Dental Payment Plans

Payment Plan Options

At Brisbane Elite Dental, we understand that dental treatment can be difficult to fit into your budget, which is why we offer a range of different dental payment plan options.

  1. HUMM
  2. Afterpay

1. Humm at Brisbane Elite Dental

One of the options we provide is Humm. With fast approval and no interest Humm is a popular choice! You can make additional payments or pay out your plan early with no payout fees. Available for payment plans over $1000. Payment Plans $1000 – $3000 available for 6months &12 months. Payment plans over $3000 available for 6, 12, 18 & 24

Humm Interest free payments Dentist

How to Interest Free pay your dentist bill with Humm

2. Afterpay at Brisbane Elite Dental

One of the options we provide for our patients is Afterpay interest free payment plans. Available for payment plans over $1000 for 6 or 12 months.

We accept Afterpay payments

How to use Afterpay

  1. Book your next appointment with Brisbane Elite Dental.
  2. Download the app now and sign up, it should only take you around 10 minutes total.

If you do have an account already, you’re all set to go! Please make sure that you have the correct Afterpay Pay account created.

You can also sign up at the practice.

  1. Check your spending limit by pressing the barcode icon.
  2. Before your appointment let our reception team know that you are paying with Afterpay. Log into your account and we will scan your individualised barcode.
  3. You’re all done! You can log into Afterpay to set up or see your repayment schedule.