Gap Free Dental for KidsAt Brisbane Elite Dental, we recognize the importance of early dental care for ensuring a lifetime of healthy smiles. That’s why we’re committed to making dental services accessible for families. We offer Gap Free Dental examinations, cleans, and preventative services for all children under 18, as long as you have any level of dental extras cover.

We welcome all health funds and accept all levels of dental extras cover. It’s essential to start dental care early to establish good oral health habits and awareness. We believe that no child should forego dental visits due to cost concerns. At Brisbane Elite Dental, our goal is to help foster a generation of children who enjoy healthy teeth, minimizing the need for fillings and complex dental work as they grow.

*Please note, you must have some level of dental extras cover to qualify (even basic coverage is acceptable).

**Our gap free offer is only valid with select providers.

Let us support you in ensuring your child’s dental health is well looked after, paving the way for a bright and healthy future.