GlamSmile Platinum Porcelain Veneers Brisbane

Premium aesthetics minus the price tag

A new smile shouldn’t cost more than a new car! GlamSmile Platinum is our premium minimal-preparation porcelain veneer which can create a stunning, natural looking smile at a more competitive price than other cosmetic dentists. While they may not be as cheap as our regular porcelain veneers, they are still quite affordable in comparison to most other dental veneers.

Glamsmile Platinum veneers Brisbane

  • Premium hand-layered porcelain
  • Full range of shades and graduated colours
  • Most natural colouring and translucency
  • Natural characteristics and anatomy
  • Try-in fitting prior to bonding
  • Made in Australia


* It is important to know that the costs of any procedure can vary between patients depending on the amount of preparatory work required, and also depending on your suitability for any particular cosmetic dentistry treatment.  We offer multiple finance options and easy repayment plans.

 In many cases, GlamSmile porcelain veneers require only minimal surface preparation to the teeth, however in order to achieve more specific aesthetic results or in more complex cases, more invasive or surgical preparation may be required.


While Glamsmile dental porcelain veneers are quite safe, they might not be suitable for all. The best way to find out whether you make a good candidate or not, is to schedule a consultation with us.

On your very first consultation, we will assess your teeth and smile goals, and let you know if you can go ahead. And if you are found to be a suitable candidate, we will proceed to take impressions and photographs of your teeth, to forward on to Glamsmile labs to craft your custom veneers. These will then be bonded on to your teeth on your next visit. You can thus get a better-looking smile in just two visits!