Glamsmile Veneer FAQs

Is the GlamSmile procedure painful? Will I need shots of anaesthetic?

No, unlike traditional veneers (which would be very painful without shots), GlamSmile’s minimal preparation porcelain veneers require no anaesthesia because there is usually no grinding down of tooth structure.

How many dental visits are necessary to complete the GlamSmile veneer process?

Only two short dental visits are required. The first is for a consultation, taking your “before” photographs and impressions of your teeth. At the second visit, your GlamSmile veneers are placed. Each visit takes approximately 1 hour.

After my first appointment, how long do I have to wait before I come back for my final appointment to have my GlamSmile veneers put on?

Usually 4 weeks.

Should I get my teeth cleaned before my second appointment?

If your teeth have not been cleaned within six months you should have a professional cleaning. If you plan ahead, you may be able to schedule both your impressions and a cleaning in one visit.

With GlamSmile veneers can I use my favourite toothpaste? Will I still be able to floss my teeth?

Yes, you will simply brush and floss your GlamSmile veneers just as you would your natural teeth. Proper dental hygiene is essential to maintaining your beautiful GlamSmile. As with natural teeth, you should always try to use low abrasion toothpaste to effectively but gently remove stains, plaque and tartar.

Can I eat foods like nuts, corn on the cob and apples with GlamSmile veneers?

GlamSmile veneers are designed to operate just like natural teeth and are resilient against everyday wear of eating and chewing. Care should always be taken to protect your GlamSmile veneers from damage just as you would your natural teeth. Bad habits like chewing on a pen or eating excessively hard foods like pistachios or crunching on ice should be avoided to maintain the health of both your natural teeth and longevity of your veneers.

I would like to close the gap between my front teeth, can GlamSmile veneers work for me?

Yes, a “gap” is called a diastema, and can be successfully and permanently closed with GlamSmile veneers, as long as the gap is not too wide.

I have tried many whitening treatments but they never last long and I’m still unhappy with my tooth colour, can GlamSmile veneers be used for permanent tooth whitening?

GlamSmile veneers will whiten severely stained (even tetracycline) and discoloured teeth once and for all. Unlike our natural tooth enamel, the porcelain surface of GlamSmile veneers are incredibly resistant to staining from red wine, coffee, tea. GlamSmile is a long-term whitening solution that can improve more than just the colour of your smile.

My teeth are misaligned, some even overlap. Am I a GlamSmile candidate?

GlamSmile veneers can definitely change the shape, size and alignment of your teeth making them look straighter and more symmetrical. Since every veneer case is unique, your GlamSmile dentist will assess your smile and provide you with treatment options specific to your individual needs.

I think I need braces but I don’t want to go through the long, inconvenient and unattractive process. Can I get GlamSmile veneers instead?

In most cases, yes! Your GlamSmile certified dentist will be able to evaluate your teeth and make the final analysis as to whether orthodontics is necessary. In cases where the misalignment is moderate, GlamSmile veneers will change the alignment and the shape of the teeth making them appear straighter and more uniform.

What are GlamSmile veneers made of? And how long are they expected to last?

GlamSmile veneers are made of time-tested, high-quality e.max porcelain, the same materials that have been successfully used to make traditional veneers. Many people who got veneers 20 years ago are still enjoying them today with no problems.

If for some reason, I wanted to remove the GlamSmile veneers, is that possible?

Normally any cosmetic dental restoration is designed to be long-term. If for some reason you wished for the removal of your veneers, it is possible. So long as your teeth have required only minimal underlying tooth preparation (ie surface roughening or minimal reshaping), the veneers can be removed and your teeth will appear more or less the same as before. Because in many cases GlamSmile veneers do not require the reduction of healthy tooth structure. With correct hygiene and oral care your natural teeth should remain healthy, strong and intact.